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Welcome to 2nd Amersham Common Scout Group, or 2AC, as we like to be known.

If you are looking for fun and adventure in the great outdoors, then you have come to the right place!  2AC is a very active Group, providing plenty of exciting opportunities and experiences for young people from the age of 6 to 18 and beyond.


2AC, since its earliest days, has been very much a Group that wants to get outside whenever it can. Unusually, 2AC Scouts and Gladiator Explorers hold a 2-week greenfield camp every summer holiday – getting back to basics and experiencing the great outdoors. Bivvy nights, Spring Camps, Winter Camps, sailing, biking and hiking, climbing, cooking, shooting, survival skills, pioneering are just a few of the things that we get up to!

For 25 years, the 2AC leadership team has also been the driving force behind the popular regional competitions: Grimsdykes Hikes and The Quest.

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